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The Children’s Center is a private, nonprofit pediatric hospital serving children with complex medical and physical disabilities in Bethany, Oklahoma, in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

Ranging in age from birth to 17, patients receive state-of-the-art medical and respiratory care, rehabilitative & habilitative therapies and education classes.

The dedicated staff is focused on maximizing the potential of each child. The Children's Center is a place of hope and healing for children and their families.

Our Services

School Based Therapy Compared to Hospital Therapy

School Based Therapy Compared to Hospital Therapy
Many of the patients in the Pediatric Medical Rehabilitation Unit are treated with brain injuries. The therapy patients receive in the hospital differ from therapy received in a school setting. Read More

Are You Being Tuned Out Due To Ear Infections?

Your child might not be listening due to an ear infection, not bad behavior. Read More