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Outpatient Therapy

The outpatient therapy team at The Children’s Center is a multidisciplinary team that has concentrated its work to help children reach their fullest potential.  The team evaluates your child’s abilities and creates opportunities to increase function and independence. Our therapists see your family as a large part of the team and incorporate your child’s goals into a specialized treatment plan that is continued outside treatment sessions in daily life at home. 

Play is the work of a child.  Our therapists ensure that play is incorporated into therapy sessions to keep your child engaged and actively participating in therapy tasks.  Activities are adjusted according to your child’s progress, attention span and cognitive abilities.  Our facilities are set up with functional play areas that include a multitude of games and activities that target functional skills through play. 


The Children’s Center accepts referrals from any physician.  Medicaid and most other forms of insurance are also accepted. 

To schedule an appointment call (405) 470-2242.  For more information about our outpatient therapies, visit