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You can be a blessing to a child with special needs this holiday season by participating in Holiday Helpers, The Children’s Center’s annual gift drive.  Lasting from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, local businesses, schools, churches, civic clubs and families are invited to help meet the material needs of patients at The Children’s Center by purchasing items ranging from diapers to specifically requested toys and therapeutic items.
Participating in Holiday Helpers is easy, and highly impactful.  The majority of the most essential items are available at stores such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens and CVS.  To meet the needs of both The Children’s Center and donors, Holiday Helpers has three components:
   •  Download Basic Needs List:  This list contains the items that are of the greatest need and used all year.  It includes items such as diapers, personal care items, clothing and books. 
   •  Department Wish Lists:  Donors can select to support a specific department at The Children’s Center by purchasing requested items from departments such as Special Education, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Psychology Services.  These lists contain basic needs and specific toys, books or specialty items.  To obtain a list for a specific department, please contact Amy Coldren, Special Events and Volunteer Coordinator, at (405) 470-2284 or or click the links below to view Amazon wish lists for each department.

Bedside Entertainment and Stimulation Needs
Bibles - for Patients and Families
CDs for Music for Music Therapy and Education
Special Education
Family Services (Social Services, Child Life and Psychology Services)
Music Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Outpatient Therapy Clinic
Pediatric Physician Clinic
Physical Therapy
PMRU Entertainment Needs
Speech-Language Pathology

   •  Christmas Present Wish Lists: Christmas present wish lists are created for each inpatient at The Children’s Center.  Each list contains 4-5 items that have been selected based on the individual interests, education goals and bedside needs of each child.  Donors are asked to select three items from each list. 

   • Birthday Presents for Patients: Bless a child on his or her birthday. Items were selected based on the interests, goals and bedside needs of each child. The list will be updated throughout the year. Shop our birthday present list.

Select items from the department wish lists and Christmas presents lists have been included on wish lists at Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble.  To access the Amazon wish list, please click here.  Lists for each department are listed along the left side of the screen.  To access wish lists at Target, Toys ‘R’ Us or Walmart, both in stores and online, select the “wish list” option (rather than a baby or wedding registry).  Enter “Childrens’” (no apostrophe) for the first name and “Center” for the last name.

Holiday Helpers is proudly sponsored by The Bethany Tribune.